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Undergraduate clarinet auditions at the Schwob School of Music require:

  1. All major scales and arpeggios in any pattern of your choice and a full-range chromatic scale.  The E, F, Gb, and G major scales and arpeggios must be three octaves.
  2. One or two prepared piece(s) that show off lyrical and technical playing.  
  3. Sight-reading

MM Performance audition requirements are here.

Artist Diploma audition requirements are here.

Scholarship eligibility

Everyone who auditions before our last official audition date is eligible for a scholarship, as long as you have also been accepted to CSU. There is no separate scholarship application. The Woodruff Award is the only exception--it does have a separate, video-only application. Details are here.  If you live close enough to come and play a live audition and also want to apply for the Woodruff Award, you need to do both.  

Audition Dates

While you can audition on an alternate date if you need to, we do have official audition dates for students listed (link below). To set up an alternate date, contact Dr. Oberlander directly (link at the top of this page).

Graduate students should audition before March 1 if they wish to begin in the fall semester.  Contact Dr. Oberlander to set up an appointment.

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